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Add A Sitelinks Search Box

More and more we’re starting to see increased functionality from the search engine results pages (SERP’s). From the Knowledge Graph (or is that Knowledge Vault) to Site Links there’s more and more going on the SERP’s everyday.

This isn’t suprising at all. Google is trying to do it’s best to keep as many users on their page as long as possible and it’s probably working. The more information that Google can bring to a user then the more likely they are to return to Google for more information and quick answers. It seems like everyone now knows that simple math functions can now be done right in the search box and you’ll get an answer without having to visit any other sites. The same goes for holidays, sports scores, flight information, etc. Just typing in “portland blazers” gives the complete schedule and any up to the minute scores of any currently playing games. With Google being more and more aggressive in retaining visitors it’s important to offer visitors quick and easy ways to access your web site from the SERP’s and around the web.

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